Why the Mind?

Feelings and behaviour

It is the MIND that informs us how we are supposed to FEEL when something happens. Someone is rude to you, you are supposed to feel affronted; someone is in distress, you are supposed to feel compassion; something gets broken, you are supposed to feel annoyed; etc, etc.

The mind also tells us how we are supposed to BEHAVE once we feel something. We will all have different responses to one other, depending on how we were programmed by our families, our religion, our teachers, our TVs, our culture, etc, etc, as we all know.

So, whilst I accept that the emotions are born of real feelings, it seems that they are also programmed into us. And, the actual responses we make to the emotions we feel are programmed into the mind, too. We are given examples and instructions about how to interpret what we feel and what to actually DO when we feel something……from birth.

Most of us interested in these matters are well aware of our feelings and how we have been manipulated/trained via our feelings to give away our energy. This part of the trap we have all recognised, to one degree or another.

Those of us who have been on this path for some time have experienced, recognised, clarified, addressed and overcome much of our emotional manipulation.

This duality matrix is a very poor copy of real life

I feel that literally EVERYTHING in this duality matrix is a poor (very, very poor) copy of what a real human and a real human experience is. I can say this only from my own experience of visions and sensing that true pristine human experience and I know many of us have had similar experiences that put us in no doubt that the present existence is not authentic. This, here, is a pathetic and utterly inadequate imitation – also limitation.

I sense that we are emerging from this and will do so at the pace at which we can accept that this WHOLE experience is not an authentic human experience. It is ALL illusion, body and all, but as we know, it’s an illusion that one actually experiences, lives and hence it does not feel unreal…..another lovely paradox……sigh.

To this end we have seen lots of individual traps and have made real strides to overcome them. This is why I am addressing spiritual traps of the mind. If the WHOLE lot is illusion, then EVERYTHING we rest our beliefs (and therefore actions) upon is also illusion, all created to uphold this duality matrix.

Our need to hold on to ideas that we already know has been programmed into us too, so it is beyond many to say… ‘it is ALL unreal.’ We cannot even begin to imagine what a truly human experience would be like, and it is a VERY tall order to let go of EVERYTHING we know, without any real grasp on what we are letting go FOR.

Security in the known

The old adage of the tree-swinging monkey who does not let go of the branch he is holding until he has grasped the next branch (for security, of course) is very relevant here. This is how we have been trained to behave, due to a deeply ingrained fear of no security or surety.

But we cannot live in duality and freedom at the same time….they are incompatible.

The ‘grasping onto’ is the mind and it wants to grasp on to reality before it will let go of illusion. Trouble is, the mind cannot possibly grasp reality, because reality is beyond mind. Therefore reality has no ‘branch,’ the mind has nothing to grasp onto and this is why we will not/cannot (yet) let go of the duality security branch.

Why do we want security?

Freedom does not require security. When connected to Source we feel UTTERLY secure. We all know and experience this. We also know that carrying it into everyday life is more difficult. Security is the VERY POOR COPY of the true Connection, so when we are DISconnected (and only then) we crave security and make every effort to feel it.

We are offered security in many ways and we have already addressed some of those, like religion, knowledge, teacher/student, family, owning, groups, winning, country, race, status, etc, etc, (and we saw that the traps are very interlinked, so as to hold each other up under scrutiny.)

What are we still holding onto?

Having let go of so much already, many of us are still holding onto our ‘spiritual’ truths.

Holding on to these is still SECURITY, via validation. Adhering to these ‘truths’ give us the security that we are doing well, are not making a terrible mistake. They give us a sense of unity with others who believe the same and we validate them as much as they validate us. Who amongst even the supremely confident spiritual teachers does not need that validation that they are actually right? Yes, they do, by all their followers agreeing with them and believing that they are indeed right. (Right/wrong – duality, yet again.) How many teachers would carry on teaching something no-one agreed with??

Where did those truths come from?

So, where do these ‘spiritual truths’ come from? From the mind-controlling predators, I feel. Not ONE of these spiritual ideas (or ANY idea, actually) is original thought, to any of us – this is different to our inner experiences of wider reality, which I would not call thoughts.

Who of us found these truths out on our own? I know I found them in books, scriptures, teachings, etc, etc. NOT ONE of them did I find out on my own. I may have thought I felt it or experienced it (like ‘we-are-all-One, or manifestation) but only after I had been given the idea to try and feel it.

I have had many revelations and aha! moments, but they have all been to do with realising the traps, seeing the illusion, and inner visions….not with creating my own independent spiritual truths.

The thing is, from my human-limited perspective, my own ‘spiritual’ truth and my only ‘spiritual’ truth is my Connection with Source and it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to explain that to anyone else. The second we try it is diluted, misinterpreted, inadequate. Of course it is, because we are using words (a duality matrix structure) concepts (a duality matrix structure) comparisons (a duality matrix structure) all coming from the mind which is duality matrix controlled.


We have realised that there is immense control to overcome. Our already-controlled mind then takes over our emergence to tell us how to overcome duality…….of course, the controlled mind is already full of traps to STOP us emerging and is programmed to accept new traps.


I just love the paradox of using the mind to overcome the mind-control and then ultimately the mind itself. It is like reverse-engineering the illusion to ultimately emerge from it.

Emergence (or consciousness evolution) is not about spiritual truths, it is about freedom from EVERYTHING in this duality matrix…….INCLUDING spiritual truths.

In the absence of any external inspiration, I am following my own inspiration which is to dismantle the spiritual myths that I have leant upon up until now. They have been very useful and have helped me thus far but it is time for me to see through them and let them all go.

This all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? We did it with the emotions already. We did it with the worldly concepts like money, religion, education, competition, etc. already.

Stretching the horizons to realise that EVERYTHING has to be seen and detached from seems to be the next step.

Towards our individual and collective Evolution,
with Love,

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  1. Libby Reply

    This is SO interesting. You’re making me think in a new way. Thanks for all this. I will be coming back for more.

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