Why do we need spiritual truths anyway?

There are two aspects to this:


1) The desire for harmlessness

These spiritual truths are used as basis for our thoughts and actions because we want to be harmless. The desire for harmlessness seems to be the root of why it is important to have principles.

We have been brainwashed that we are not capable of harmlessness and we need to be controlled in order to do no harm. It is suggested that it is human nature to be unreasonable, selfish and dangerous……(see chapter on Human Nature……coming soon!)

At all levels we are offered the opportunity of self-control via external control mechanisms… laws, rules, guidelines, expectations, principles, and the associated threat and fear of punishment/disapproval. These put us in a state of trepidation; fear of failing in this self-control, fear that our supposed ‘true nature’ will explode at any time wreaking some havoc for which we will be held – and will actually be – responsible.

It is because we don’t trust ourselves to be harmless that we feel we need principles at all.

Sad Irony

The truly sad irony is that the controllers who are giving us, the general public, these artificial means of aiming for harmlessness (the rules, laws, etc.) are themselves exhibiting the exact opposite of harmlessness…….wars, homelessness, starvation, warped education, and so on.


2) Because we feel disconnected from our soul/source and feel we need guidance towards reconnection and/or maintenance of that connection.

We have been taught from birth that we need external guidance in all matters spiritual. Somehow we have been conned into thinking that we have overcome that external guidance by casting away the religious guidelines and rules, which we had found to be fallible or erroneous.

Now we are resting on these widely-accepted, carved-in-stone spiritual principles. But ……they are still external and they are still guidance.

Remember that when we are truly Connected, we never need any guidance beyond our soul/source.


How do we use our spiritual truths?

When you look to the root of how we use spiritual truths we find that they are used in two ways……

Pre-emptively (before action)

– to control our behaviour, via our adhering to these principles/truths.

Retrospectively (after action)

– to justify our actions, to ourselves or others, by relating our former actions to the spiritual principles/truths.

– to relate to the explanations by others on spiritual and practical matters.


The Consciousness Journey

We start off doing things in an unconscious way. Initially we don’t know that we base our actions on assumptions we have embraced over our lives.

Then we realise that there are assumptions and that some of them are not valid.

Then we become conscious of why we, and others, make some of the actions that we do. If we don’t like it, we change it. During this process of change, we adopt different assumptions and principles which better reflect how we would like to be and help us act and think in our new ways. Thus we become more harmless.

The new assumptions are very useful. The risk is that we become stuck in those and do not question the new assumptions and truths at some point.

When we become conscious of this risk, we investigate further, again becoming conscious of why we make some of the actions that we do. And again, if we don’t like it, we change it. and become further harmless.


Until we don’t use the assumptions (truths) any more

Once we are fully harmless, and trust ourselves to be so, we won’t base our behaviour on any assumptions, because we won’t feel the need to rest on anything in order to be harmless. We can release all concepts needed to control behaviour or justify ourselves. Again, remember that when we are truly Connected, we never need any guidance beyond our soul/source.

We just won’t need to take the mental exercise of justifying ourselves or controlling ourselves because we’ll KNOW we are fully harmless.


Towards our individual and collective Evolution,

with Love,



2 thoughts on “Why do we need spiritual truths anyway?

  1. Matt Booth Reply

    Really enjoying your blog Gail, I find myself reading, nodding along saying “yep, that’s exactly how I feel”.
    We should always question, never accept someone else’s truth as our truth. Sure, take what you need from it but don’t put it on a pedestal and make it our new religion.
    We seem to have this inbuilt desire to need the labels, the rules. But, those are always someone else’s labels and rules. Someone else’s path.

    We need to create our own path and get away from the need to follow others.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks Matt. I’m really glad it resonates with you. It’s funny how once you’ve seen it in one aspect of life, it seems to appear all over the place! I end up wondering if ANY of me is Me. I will get to the actual articles soon 🙂

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