Spiritual Vulnerability

General Vulnerability

For every type of person, every type of interest/direction/propensity, there are endless messages telling us we are broken, not really up to scratch, need lessons, gadgets to help us monitor our progress, special foods, equipment, exercises, lifestyle choices, healing, fixing, new attitudes, practices, etc, etc.

This is people being predated upon. They are vulnerable to their energy being stolen by way of a predator diverting it from its present direction and steering it (primarily through guilt and inadequacy) towards the products and mind-set of the predator/controller.

Spirituality is no different

As spiritually-minded people we do NOT have some kind of divine dispensation or protection from being predated upon….

Remember, psychologically a dominator or controller is always a protector and a helper (and very often a partial empowerer) first. The domination becomes apparent only once we have accepted the protection and help to the point where we feel vulnerable without said support.

Spiritually-minded people feel the divine, the purity of their own Connection with their higher wisdom/soul/source and naively think that it cannot be touched by evil or dominating forces. Their higher wisdom cannot be touched but their CONNECTION with it can.

“How could anyone try to take advantage of someone via spirituality or religious faith? Surely if they understand spirituality they could not fail to be embraced by love and to act only in pure love!” they think.

This is to mistake spiritual understanding for actual engagement. It is also to equate the advantage-taker’s purity with our own. Spiritual abusers understand the principles and practices, but are not truly engaged in spirituality and are not pure; they look as though they are, but what they are actually engaged with is their ego and power, using spirituality as their medium for control, domination and gaining respect and followers and often money.

Spirituality has never been immune

The biggest lesson in spirituality is the one that spirituality itself is NOT protected from abuse simply by virtue of its elevated status in our own minds.

It happened to all the religions. We know how tainted and distorted they are. Surely we can accept that the various facets of “New Age” spirituality are highly likely to be tainted too.

The golden nuggets of truth are surrounded by shiny, bright, beautiful distractions, deceptions and downright lies, to the point where the nuggets become obscured or ‘pedestalled’ to become just some unachievable ideal to work towards.

The essence of the truthful part touches us, draws us, calls us and then we are funnelled or enticed into pre-decided and formulated (by someone else – there are lots of someone elses doing this) practices, thought patterns, behaviour modifications, all with their own yardsticks for measuring our success or otherwise.

Continual self-improvement

These practices, thought patterns, behaviour modifications are supposed to improve us, take us closer to God, take us towards an artificial perfection. Actually what they do is constantly tell us that we are still not good enough as we are now.

Ever more we try (and often pay and serve) yet never near do we feel to the elusive finishing line which is the perfection (or enlightenment or ascension) we have been sold, and have bought into. And it is always said to be our own fault that we have not yet ‘made it’ so we try (and maybe pay and serve) ever harder.

This is what we are investigating

It is these practices, thought patterns, behaviour modifications, that we are investigating here, with a view to recognising, investigating, clarifying, addressing and overcoming them – in other words, transcending them.

Towards our individual and collective Evolution,
with Love,

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