Leaving the old paradigm

In the old paradigm the primary mechanism was Control. All of us who are committed to evolving our consciousness are willing to release any remaining dependence upon control mechanisms; this includes both taking control/dominating and being controlled/dominated.

The controller mechanism exists everywhere; in religion, politics, employment, spirituality, illegal trades (pimps, traffickers) in cultures, even ordinary families. In fact, it exists in any person who asks us to give our power away willingly or who forces us to be subjugated.

To evolve our consciousness, we cannot play into the domination/submission games any more. Instead we reclaim our personal power and then accept and maintain responsibility for ourselves, particularly for our consciousness/awareness.

Re-hashed old-age concepts

Many mainstream concepts and perspectives based on domination/submission have been adapted and then re-adopted by the new age community, in the mistaken belief that they are no longer the same as the original mainstream ideas/brainwashes. The biggest mistake of the new-age circles has been to buy into rehashed old-age concepts and think they represent freedom from the old age energy.

The consciousness of humanity is shifting and the old thought paradigm is the primary mechanism for postponing or avoiding that shift, individually and collectively.

We (both individually and as a Whole) REALLY need to push past these outmoded concepts because they just hold humanity and its ‘new age’ in the old ways, hence actually, nothing ‘new’ at all!!

Concepts are just boundaries to our consciousness

Remember concepts are only boundaries. Here we are not trying to make up new concepts, which would just be new knowledge or belief cages with their own new boundaries. What we are doing is breaking down the existing boundaries that we have found ourselves stuck within.

These concept boundaries that we are investigating here may be extremely useful for people breaking out of tighter, smaller boundaries, so this enterprise is not dismissing or denigrating the challenged concepts as useless or dangerous for all.

However, the concepts which will be addressed here are now too restrictive for me and for many of us who are evolving into a wider consciousness at a rapid rate. If you relate to this, then these writings are meant for you.

2 thoughts on “Leaving the old paradigm

  1. Matt Booth Reply

    Words that resonate yet again Gail 🙂

    Once we escape the control mechanism, we are truly free. In this realities eyes we are also at our most dangerous.
    Without control the foundations of this reality crumble and we can all , finally, follow our true path.

    What a beautiful day that will be ♡♡♡

  2. Tim Harrington Reply

    Thank you, Gail, for creating this space and for sharing your experience and insights.

    with gratitude


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