The self-imposed cages of my certain knowledge
can be inhabited indefinitely,
or occasionally dissolve unnoticed;
may be deconstructed
most carefully, sometimes painfully,
or burst out of, carefree-ly and joyously,
as I explode my truths,
the myths of what I think is, and, of course, is not!

Not wrong, not foolish in themselves
these truths, these myths;
each just the next stepping stone in the
ever-widening river of my perspective.

And so, I create new cages,
built with the same stuff of the old,
plus some more (or is it less?).
And with the constant joy of discovery
incredible treasures are revealed.

But, how clever! How obvious!
I build in each new cage a door
unlocked, so I am always free
within these cages of my knowing.

The key, it seems, is certainty.
And so, with the door boldly unlocked…..
I throw away the key.

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