Hello Everyone,

A huge and warm WELCOME! to Head to Heart Evolution. Here we are investigating our “carved-in-stone” spiritual truths/myths.

My name is Gail. I am a normal human being of British origin, living in Wales. I have been consciously on a spiritual journey since around 1989, and have been aware that I am different in many ways since I was very young.

Just to be clear, none of my writing is channelled – I do not talk with or lean on external beings at all.

Why I am writing this blog

The purpose of my writing is to explore the spiritual truths which are the cornerstones of our spirituality.

All along my journey I have been uncovering and addressing illusions which had caused me to perceive my reality in a flawed way. Having recognised, investigated, clarified, addressed and overcome many of the worldly perceptions which distorted my perspective, as many of us did, I replaced these with spiritual truths which gave me a clearer perspective and offered a sense of security which had been lost as the old truths were demolished. These have been valuable by way of helping me to live to deeper levels of integrity.

However, it seemed that these spiritual truths that I had found to be so useful were failing, many becoming ‘go-to’ responses without real consideration. Giving these truths some consideration revealed that somehow my integrity still seemed to be compromised, although it was more subtle.

In the spirit of a true pioneer I needed to explore my belief systems further so many of my spiritual truths came under scrutiny and not all of them are bearing up. These writings are the result of that exploration.

This is simply an offering of my findings. I am not providing replacement truths.

When our minds – or Heads – are cleared of distorted ‘truths’ and we are able to hear through the Heart, the Universe can speak with us clearly and we don’t need endless replacement truths and principles to live by any more.

There are three categories in this blog:

  1. Introductory explanations as to why this blog is here, and why and how I am engaging the mind,
  2. Investigating specific spiritual truths/myths which may be holding our consciousness in old energies,
  3. Investigating more general truths/myths which may be holding our consciousness in old energies.

We will be looking at some of our deeply entrenched spiritual principles, like ‘We are all One’ and ‘Channelling’ and ‘You create your own reality’ and ‘Free will’ and ‘Gratitude’ and many, many more.

If you have identified any particular truth which you are uncomfortable with and suspect to be a myth, and would like me to address that, please let me know via the “contact” section and I will respond to you either personally or through a posting.

I hope you will find my investigations useful.


Towards our individual and collective liberation,

with Love,